The Employee Engagement Dilemma

Forty-one percent of the working population has a chronic disease.
Eighty percent of those are linked to diet and lifestyle.
Workers report facing health challenges outside of work
pie chart graphic illustrating 87%

Eighty-seven percent of employers believe the cost of health benefits will be unsustainable in 5 to 10 years.

The connection between our nation’s unhealthy eating habits and increasing rates of preventable, chronic illnesses is well-documented. Yet, we still out-spend all other countries on healthcare…$4 trillion every year!

The time has come for an intervention—a new way to deliver health that focuses on prevention through healthy food choices, rather than medical treatment.

$4 Trillion

Spent per year on healthcare in the US

Support Healthy Habits.
Do Good. Hire Brilliantly.

It’s no secret—the competition for talent is fierce, and you need every advantage you can get. How about an employee benefit that supports the daily health and well-being of your people in ways they they’ll really appreciate?

They’ll like this, too – as a Dohmen Company Foundation social business, 100% of profits go to philanthropic giving supporting a wide range of projects aimed at battling food insecurity and supporting healthy lifestyles.

“Our vision is creating equitable access to healthy and happy lives through a mission of strengthening people & organizations with a food benefit that benefits life”

Proof points

Through our sister program, Food For Health, we tested the hypothesis that the combination of delicious healthy food, personalized health coaching, and integrated technology could have a positive impact of the overall health of program participants.

Satisfaction Rate
Adherence rate
Lost Weight

The Food Benefit Company Approach

A New Take on Employee Benefits

Imagine finishing your workday and arriving home to the assurance of a delicious, healthy dinner for you or your entire family, waiting for you in the fridge, without stopping at a grocery store or restaurant. How much time might that save you? How many bad food choices could it help you avoid?

Food Benefit Company is a new concept in employee benefits that takes the guesswork out of dinnertime—and the rest of your meals—and replaces it with fully cooked or ready-to-finish meals delivered to your office or home.

But Food Benefit Company is much more than meal kit delivery. It’s a comprehensive technology-enabled support system for a healthy lifestyle that also includes personalized, biometrics-informed health coaching and educational content, delivered through a holistic mobile app experience.

Plates of food

Delicious, Healthful Food

people at table talking with computer

Personal Coaching + Biometrics

people using smart phones

Holistic Technology Experience